If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Friday, June 30, 2017

More on the bedroom update- carpet tiles, compressed mattress and adjustable bed frames

This bedroom redo was kind of like the book "When You Give A Mouse A Cookie".
There were several steps before we ever got to the redo.
First, we didn't want to get rid of our current bed as my husband built it and the mattresses are just a year or so old.
So, we had to empty out the guest room.  The bed from that room went to this grandson who had just outgrown his crib- meaning he was escaping the crib and we all feared he could get hurt during his escapes.

Then I cleaned the carpet in that empty guest room and touched up the wall paint. 
Our old bed was moved in there as well as 2 little shelves that were previously in the craft room.  They work just right as bedside tables.
This guest room is set up and needs a bit of decorating but that can wait.  

Then we emptied out our master bedroom- the old carpet was removed and everything was taken out.  

Then we decided to go with the carpet tiles while we waited for the beds to come from Amazon. More on them below.

I'm not giving links in this post as I am not an affiliate of any of the companies.
We chose Dynasty compressed mattresses.  We bought 2 Twin XL.

Each came rolled up tight in box, about the size of a 4 year old grandson. 

The mattress is rolled tight and wrapped tightly in plastic.

Just carefully cut away the plastic and unroll and watch the mattress just puff right up.

It was really quick and fun to watch the mattresses puff up.  
They are firm like we like and very comfortable.  They didn't smell weird and have very good warranties. 

W bought 2 Twin XL Sealy adjustable bed bases.  They are black platforms with remote controls to adjust the head or the feet.  They frames come assembled, except the legs need screwed on and the mechanical parts needs attached.  It was not difficult to set up.  The frames are heavy but not nearly as heavy and hard to move as we expected from the reviews on the Amazon site.

The linens  used are 2 Twin XL fitted sheets and a king size top sheet.  I wasn't sure how the top sheet was going to work as we sleep with the beds at different adjustments but it works fine.  The sheets come in sets from multiple Amazon sellers.  Making the bed is little tricky when putting on the fitted sheets.  Where the 2 mattresses set together is the tricky part.  The foot of the bed is easy and the top is much easier if we raise one side all the way up and put on the fitted sheets when those 2 corners are not together.

We bought the Simply Seamless
Tranquility Mountain Mist carpet tiles from Home Depot.
They are not hard to handle.  The tiles have a peel and stick backing and ours stuck just fine to our concrete slab floor.  They were easy to cut with a big exacto knife and metal ruler for the straight edge.
Since there is no pad, the floor doesn't feel as cushy as traditionally installed carpet but it is plenty comfy enough for us.
Look at the above photos closely.  In some parts, it really looks like wall to wall carpet.  But in other spots, it's very evident it is tiles.  Even still, we like the floor and are glad we did it.
My advice if your considering this is to look on the Home Depot site and read the reviews for these carpet tiles.  There are some very detailed reviews with photos there.
This brand of tiles are also available from other online sellers.  I suggest shopping around to get the best price.  When we bought ours at Home Depot, they were about $58 a box.
I have vacuumed the carpet tiles multiple times with our Dyson and they are staying stuck.
I'll try to answer any other questions on this.  

Starting in July, tomorrow, I've got several frugal posts planned.  


  1. Love this detailed post about your recent redo! Your carpet looks really nice. I love your guest room and especially the quilt on the bed and the one on the wall! I bought my granddaughter's crib mattress and it came rolled up with the air sucked out of it, like yours. It is pretty cool that they can do that! I also ordered ordered pillows for our bed that came that way. They smelled funny for a few weeks, but not now. How many boxes of carpet tile did it take to do your bedroom?

  2. Thank you for posting that info!

  3. Looking forward to the frugal posts as we are wrapping up a much needed, extensive bathroom remodel!

  4. Thank you for this post. I love to see people redo and look at how they do it. I drool over your quilts.

  5. Like your bedroom really love the little helper. Cheryl.

  6. we put down the carpet tiles in a bedroom 13 years ago and they still look wonderful! the ones we had were not peel and stick, but tacky backed so we could pull it back up and clean a spot and set it out to dry. (with pets this was helpful) having a few extra gives you the flexibility to replace a badly stained one.

  7. Thank you for sharing about the beds. My husband and I have been talking about possibly buying a adjustable bed because he thinks it would help with his sleep and back problems. I love our current bed though since it is so comfortable for me and that is saying a lot since I rarely can find a bed that does not hurt me. I did suggest buying a single adjustable bed for him and moving it into one of the guest bedrooms...he did not like that idea at all. LOL! ;)

  8. Everything looks wonderful. I am especially impressed with the carpet tiles. I know y'all are enjoying it!

  9. Those mattresses look really interesting! I hope you like them. I hadn't heard anything about them. Love that bedspread (quilt? hard for me to tell on my laptop) in your guest room.

  10. It's fun to see the step-by-step of your bedroom makeover. I'll be doing a new guest room myself next month after Jess and the kids move out. (Yep, I'm getting my house back! She rented a little house of her own yesterday.) I am very interested in those carpet tiles and will look at them next time we're in a HD.

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