If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Saturday, September 12, 2020

September #2 - mostly kitchen stuff

It’s still just weird around here.  Our little county is now in the Red Zone as classified by the virus numbers.  I’m normally optimistic but this seems to have no end in sight.  

So, we are just staying busy with home stuff, staying at home or in safe places,  and staying busy.  

Here’s my current to-do list

More peppers- my husband’s plants are just producing so much! 
So this last batch,  I sliced the bells into strips along with onions and froze them in meal size bags.  They will get sautéed like fajita style veggies and be eaten on fajitas or any kind of Mexican meal.  

I also diced more jalapeños and froze them too.  

I made a double recipe of the cheddar carrots recipe I shared in my last post and they were so good!

I also made a double batch of Mexican Wedding Cookies/Russian Tea cakes/SnowBall cookies.  I didn’t add the chopped nuts or roll them in powdered sugar.  
Instead,  I made flattened balls of the cookie dough and dipped some in sprinkles, some in mini chocolate chips and topped some with pecan halves.  
They brought big smiles to everyone I shared them with.  

My husband needed a knee X-ray in Oklahoma City this week.  It was near the military Commissary we like so much.  We haven’t shopped there since  March 1st so we went after he had the X-ray.  
The Commissary is huge and I feel very claustrophobic wearing masks, so we only shopped a few aisles and the meat department.  
Their meat prices were so low and they have very nice quality.
Ducky smells the meat.  😀 I like the brown paper sacks so I always them up and reuse them for many things,  
They had these boxes for $30 filled with an assortment of fresh meats.  
I didn’t add up the price tags exactly but they would of been more than $40 if bought individually.

I cooked the 4 rolls of ground beef when we got home and seasoned them for taco filling.  

To make room in the freezer for the new meat purchases,  I did a little rearranging.  
I also took out 2 whole chickens and cooked them in a slow cooker.  Then I shredded it and seasoned it for chicken taco filling.  

It’s cooked chicken seasoned with tomato sauce, onions,  cumin, red pepper and garlic to taste.   

A bonus of cooking whole chickens is all the broth - about a 1/2 gallon!  I’ll chill it, remove the fat on top and then freeze in meal size containers.

To save space,  I re-wrapped some of the meat into freezer paper or zipper bags and it takes up much less space then when left of the original trays. 

Two of grandchildren are attending their school everyday like normal.
Three of them are doing in person school 2 days and week and virtual school 2 days a week.  
And three of them are doing only virtual school.  Some of the virtual classes are really good and I commend the teachers.  This situation is probably the hardest on them as they must be so flexible.  
Anyways,  here are 3 siblings all watching a class for 1 of them.  But they were all interested and ready to learn. 

Hope you all are fine 
❤️Rhonda 🇺🇸
Living the red zone 😱 


  1. Great deal on meat. Sounds like a good week.
    Take care and stay safe.

  2. You have been very productive in the kitchen! Nice haul from the commissary...

    I am like you---trying to stay busy with home-keeping to make life seem "normal"...I have been reading reports that this will go on through most of 2021 as well.

    Miss my families so much---we are in south Florida, they are in Indiana (2) and Minnesota.

    I look forward to your posts...they mean a lot to me as I search for normalcy... thank you! Jane

  3. I'm new to following your blog.

    Can anyone shop at the commissaries? I'm in nw Arkansas so I don't know if there are any near me but I have quite a few friends around OKC.

    1. Nice to meet you Jenny. Commissaries are the grocery stores on military bases. They are for active duty military and their families, retired military and their dependents and they are now open to any former military service member with a VA medical card. So, not everyone can shop there but if your one of those military groups, they are a great place to shop.

  4. How neat that all three children were interested in the lesson...It may well be that these kids learn more in today's environment than in the more traditional one. In our state at least, there's no longer a focus on standardized tests but on getting the basics in...and that too must be beneficial to them all.
    Good buys on the meat....Do you do shredded Bbq chicken? since we don't eat pork we find we like that really well.

    1. I think getting the basics is so important for education. I worry about the children who’s parents aren’t supervising their home school work and making sure they’re doing their work and making progress.
      I really like shredded chicken, both for Mexican and with barbecue sauce on buns or pizza. Jeff is a fan of pork so we do still have it but I could live without it just fine. He cooked a beef brisket on his smoker overnight and it is my favorite, he trims most of the fat and cooks them low for 18 hours. They are tender and moist and so good!

  5. You are one busy woman! I have to admit, I've been pretty lazy lately in the kitchen. I've lost my mojo. I do have chicken in the crockpot right now to make chicken burrito bowls later, so I guess I'm at least doing "something". ;-)

    1. Melanie, I’ve lost my mojo just about everywhere but the kitchen,
      And I know you are doing lots of things but this is a weird time we are in.

  6. My husband and I are both retired Navy, and I miss going to the Commissary - the closest one is 3 hours away In San Antonio. Any chance we are in the area, I go in and stock up on meats, as the prices are definitely lower. You did good this week - I love the idea of cooking chicken in the crockpot and shredding it for later use. Ground beef too. Doing work now saves so much time later!
    Have a great week!


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