If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, September 28, 2020

September #5 - cooking and home plans

Hello everyone.  Our garden is still producing, this was Sunday morning’s harvest.  See the late coming lblackberries and strawberries? 
Tonight for supper, I prepped these veggies below 
I cooked the green beans and then added the potatoes and made salmon patties.  The cucumbers and onions are something my mom always made in the summer and I think most all people in our region eat them,  it’s just sliced cucumbers and onions,  salt, pepper, a teaspoon of sugar and half vinegar/half water.  They keep in the fridge for days.  

My grandchildren love granola bars and I tried this recipe 
link to granola bar recipe
They were delicious and I will be making them again. 

In January,  we decided we  wanted to update the 3 bedrooms on one end of house.  We’ve lived here 18 years and the white carpet in those rooms (especially after 8 grandchildren and 2 dogs) has seen better days.  We got distracted by the quarantine but we decided a few weeks ago to just go ahead and do it. 
First,  we picked out and ordered the carpet.  It’s a process and everything takes longer right now.  It will be at least 2 weeks until it’s installed. 
In the meantime,  we are emptying those rooms and painting.  And were also doing some minor changes in other rooms.  
   The dining room is getting full 
 And 2 of the bedrooms are just about empty.  

All the groceries for ‘just in case’ were moved to the master bedroom.  3 of the grands were a huge help with this task and I sure hope they are available when it’s time to move it back. 

And here’s my current to do list.  Some of it is things to do, some are things to shop for.  

I have no idea why we buy toys,  this 8 year old was happy for hours with a box ๐Ÿ˜Š

Busy days here with gardening and home things.   I will try to blog as updates occur.  

All of our grands are in school in their classrooms, some full time and some 1/2 the week.  I know we are all just ready for life to get less stressful, right?  

Hope you all are fine 
❤️ Rhonda ๐Ÿ 


  1. There is always a lot to do concerning maintaining and running a household. I'm glad you had some help moving things. All the best with your reno.

  2. My goodness that is a huge task. It will be wonderful when done, but sure is a lot of work. You must have a lot of patience!

  3. How exciting to be re-doing things!! With the house torn up, you will be eager to get it done and all put back together :) Looking forward to the updates!! So awesome that the grands helped with the temporary pantry move. I am sure they will be available to move it back. Kids love being helpers! We are all looking forward to normalcy...not sure when that will be, but in the meantime you have projects to look forward to. Semper Fi!

  4. Your dining room looks just like mine right now. It is piled high with furniture and furnishings form other rooms.

  5. Isn't it true that kids can have just as much fun with boxes than anything else? Good luck on the remodel, I do not envy you the work.

  6. I can't wait to see the finished decor. I really like your sense of style. Also, laughing over 8 year old with box. I took groceries to Katie this weekend and requested they put them in a paper bag. The baby was delighted with it, lol.

  7. We've been updating some things in our home, too. We're having a new couch delivered on Oct 9 and I'm so excited. Our current couch is 15 years old and is in sad shape. I'll then be looking for a new coffee table and some kind of bookcase and a new side chair or two.

    Good thing you have grandkids to help you move things! :)

  8. I have been upgrading my 25 year old faded curtains. I am going for thermal lined to help with keeping our inside temperature warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

    How wonderful that your garden is still producing.

    God bless.

  9. I'm painting in the house as well, and have started on the kitchen cabinets. Look forward to seeing your updated rooms!
    Nice haul on the garden produce! I got the last of the jalapenos picked today, mostly red ones, so Greg's going to smoke them this weekend and we'll dehydrate to make chipotle powder. I really need to pick tomatoes again, too.


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