If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Blogidays December 2

Hello everyone 

Below is a video how the twinkle lights look in our living room early in the morning - my favorite time to sit with a mug of hot tea snd just enjoy the decorations 

Some of the grands were here yesterday.  They did virtual school in the morning with their mom and then spent the afternoon here.
They helped Grandpa with his decorations in the front yard.  
My husband picks the outdoor decorations and I do the indoor decorations 

I’ll show a photo of them in their final arrangement all lit  up soon.  

I had a helper when to peel carrots and potatoes for supper.

She counted out the vegetables so we both had the same amount peel.  But I’ve peeled a lot of veggies in my 50 or so years of cooking.  
She was amazed how fast I could peel.   I ended up peeling most of both piles but she did work hard.  I assured her she would pick up speed if she kept practicing. 
This roast beef supper was shared by 3 families - my daughter’s family, my parents and us - and there were enough leftovers for my husband and I to enjoy today.  

The first of the month means going over bills and what we plan to spend and budget for.
We don’t have many bills and I keep track of finances in a binder, with a sheet of paper for each month.
I worked out the December budget yesterday morning.  

Merry Christmas everyone 🎄
❤️ Rhonda 


Anne in the kitchen said...

Your living room looks beautiful. And most importantly how wonderful to have your grands around to help!

Wendi said...

There are times when Megan get frustrated that we aren't equally matched when we complete task together. I reminder her that "practice makes progress" and I've had lots of practice.

I love seeing how involved you are in the lives of your grands!

Out My window said...

I paid all the bills yesterday also. So nice to have that off my list. I swear I am going to do a post about potatoes and carrots. I use bags of them every month.

Cheryl Kimbley said...

What adorable helpers you both had! Can't wait to see the yard lit.
I love those pictures with lights on your wall. Those are so pretty. It all looks lovely.

Melanie said...

The indoor lights are so pretty this time of year, aren't they? They add some cheer to early mornings and long, dark evenings.

You must be having mild temps if everyone is outside without coats! It was really cold here yesterday; we were totally bundled up to run errands. Today was warmer - in the mid-40's and sunny. It actually felt good when I took my walk to the lake today.

Practical Parsimony said...

It's all so pretty and festive! You both have helpers, so nice. She will pick up speed, like you say, with practice. Cute!

Tammy said...

Elizabeth is getting so grown up!
Layla and I had the same-ish conversation when we were working on Thanksgiving dinner prep. Her first time to try a peeler, and she's just five (almost 6!), so it was awkward for her. She gave it a good shot, then decided she'd rather chop celery. I peeled the remainder of the potatoes, mentioning that I've had about 50 years of practice. She was impressed by that. Lol.
Yes, show the outdoor decorations! Greg got blow up stuff for Halloween and now for Christmas. I never knew he had any interest in the blow up decorations...
Sitting in the dark with just tree lights is my favorite early morning and late night thing in December.

❤️ Rhonda ❤️