If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Sunday, October 10, 2021

October #5 fall things and replies and my new to do list

First, here’s my to-do list for next week

I’ve started a few things in the sewing room 
I ripped up a bed sheet into squares to make napkins- I plan to hem them soon 
I used this sheet on the bottom futon on some bunkbeds we used to have and it’s really nice thick woven percale.  

Cora needed some fall themed clothes for her day care - they do different themes each week and she doesn’t get special clothes each week but this seemed like a fun week to do it. 
I used fabric from I already had and put iron on fusible on them and cut out the shapes,
  after I ironed them on,  I machine stitched with a straight stitch close to the edge,  

I cut up some fabric strips to make a garland for our fireplace and I want to finish this fall theme cross stitch I did years ago 

And I hope to sew up this fabric panel for a fall themed decoration for our dining room, 
It’s the same fabric I used on 2 of Cora’s shirts 

Goofy Ducky likes to lay right in the middle of the sewing room - and yes, he is in the way 😵‍💫

Speaking of Cora- I stayed with here one evening while her parents went out to a local restaurant. 
She was already asleep in bed when I got there and I watched her on this little monitor.  
She kept me entertained as she flops and wiggles a lot 🥰
She never knew I was there but I enjoyed it just the same


Lejmom- still have the banana keeper but it’s soooooo big and I’ve only been buying 3-4 bananas at a time recently. 

Traveling Oltmans- I don’t pre-bake my pizza crusts but lots of other recipes do.  

There were lots of good, informative replies yesterday.  I hope y’all read them too.  
Terri left a good pizza crust recipes and Tammy left a variation of pimento cheese that uses bell pepper instead of pimento and sounds delicious,  Tammy, I think the cheese balls that Jimmy makes have diced bell pepper, among other things, and they are really good

Are you all planning your new week? 
Hope you all have had a good weekend 



Practical Parsimony said...

Those are cute outfits. You have lots of sewing planned. I use scraps for napkins after I made the first set from bought material.

Cheryl Kimbley said...

Such cute seasonal projects. Love them all.

lejmom said...

Lots of cute fall sewing projects! You are talented!

LOL at Ducky...our dog did that, too :)

Lana said...

This morning all I could think was how could it be Monday again? It is so interesting to watch the baby monitor!

Also in reply to my comment on Terri's blog. Absolutely I agree about inflation but I am afraid there is no going back. I am thankful there will at least be some compensation for us seniors although I doubt it will be enough.

Mary K Skains said...

So much fun to sew for little girls.

Tammy said...

Those shirts are cute!

I made a list this morning, and confess to adding things already done as worked, just so I had some crossed off. Lol.

We're skipping the pumpkin patch again this year, so this weekend we're having a pumpkin party on Saturday. We'll carve pumpkins on family chat with my sister and my brother's kids in Iowa, then roast hot dogs in the fire pit and have s'mores. I'm making a pot of chili, too. It'll be cold by the time we eat.

Beautiful weather this week, so I'll be outside as much as I can. Farmer's are harvesting so the bugs are aplenty until we get a hard frost.

terricheney said...

I love that Ducky just lies in the middle of the room, lol. Such cute things for Cora and the house.

Jackie said...

What cute fall themed t-shirts!!!

I really like the idea of using an old sheet that is in great shape to make napkins.

God bless.

❤️ Rhonda ❤️