If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Sunday, October 1, 2023

Eat At Home-tober, hummingbirds, coupon shopping

Hello everyone 
I don’t have to tell ya’ll about the cost of living 🤯 
We are fine but we have 2 trips planned and needed some home repairs.  
So, to help ease our pocketbook a bit,  I plan on us eating at home all of October- hence the phrase I made up- Eat at home-tober, kind of like Vlogtober, but I doubt it catches on.  
Groceries are expensive but eating out is even more expensive.  
I’ve bought groceries, most of what we should need this month, from the commissary, Kroger and Walmart.
I’ll need to plan ahead to keep this going all month.  

I plan on blogging about it all month if you want to follow along or join in————the more, the merrier, right? 

Today, 3 grands were here so we had homemade pizza.  
Unbaked pizzas
I let the bread machine knead and raise the dough.  I used the 2 pound measurements.  
This is a good, basic crust.  It rolls out easily and thin, like we like it. 
Baked pizzas with fresh fruit and veggies
All 5 of enjoyed it lots! 

I was thinking the hummingbirds had migrated already and then I saw one yesterday.  
So I washed and refilled the feeders,  
I live in the light green belt.  We could see hummingbirds until October 25, according to this graph.  
That’s much later than I would of expected.  I guess we will see but there is fresh nectar  in my backyard to fuel any hummingbirds that stop by.

Last week I did a little coupon shopping at Walgreens - these sales have expired 
Cost was about $27 and I earned $21 for next time.  

I’ve built up a laundry products and paper goods stocks pile in just 2 weeks.  
The candy corn is for a grandson who thought it was a bad deal that I didn’t include candy corn in my fall decorating.  

This week,  I have those $21 in Walgreens rewards to spend.  
I’m not sure what I’ll use them on but I may wait and go Saturday and use this coupon- 

Any purchase that is $45 - and  that is usually before coupons, etc- will earn $20 in Walgreens cash.  
They have many of their vitamins buy 1 get 1 - hopefully some will still be in stock Saturday.  
We will need to replenish our vitamin supply one way or the other anyway. M

But if you plan on doing coupon deals,  please get advice from an expert on YouTube or IG to get the maximum deals.  

❤️ Rhonda 


  1. He is right about candy corn being necessary. Every time I try to shop in Walgreen's, there is a problem with coupons/deals. And, there is usually only two people in the store. Since standing is so hard, I just don't go in anymore. I suppose I should.

    1. Walgreens has pickup now and some of their bonus coupons are only for pickup transactions. You would know how much the total is before you check out.
      It might be something you’d like to try.

      I won’t forget the candy corn for all again! 😂

  2. I have to echo the trouble with Walgreen's coupons. When I've tried to use the rewards, there is always an issue, such as can't combine, or something else. I end up spending more than I should have. It's so frustrating! If you have tips, please share!

    1. I’m not an expert. I do watch a few YouTubers.
      Read the ad careful and make sure your coupon matches the right item.
      A few weeks ago at Dollar General, I had a transaction not go at all like I was expecting and I asked the cashier to cancel it and I put my items back on the shelf.

      I know it’s tricky but for now, it’s worth it to me.

  3. I sure miss shopping at the Commissary. The closest one to us is in San Antonio - 3 hours away. My husband used to have meetings there in S.A. every couple of months and I would go with him and shop while he did business. The closest we get to commissary prices around here would be Wal-Mart. Still so high for most things! I keep hearing about people having trouble with digital coupons, it makes me not want to bother with it. I miss the days of regular paper coupons.

    1. For the most part, I like digital coupons.
      About the commissary, we shop at the one in Oklahoma City if we are nearby. But their prices are not super low, Iike I remember back when husband as active duty in the 80’s and early 90’s. The commissary we use has a wonderful meat department. The pork and chicken are slightly cheaper than civilian stores but the beef is about half of the price I’d pay in town, and it’s such good quality too.
      So, when I shop there, I look around but anymore, I don’t buy much except beef and sale items.
      If you’re wondering about the prices at the closest commissary to you, you see them online at Commissaries.com

  4. I love your phrase, "Eat at home tober" and hope it does catch on in the blogging world.

    1. Thank you, but I’m a pretty small blog. I’d be amazed if that phrase got popular

  5. That is a great Idea and plan. I have candy corn in my decor just sayin...

    1. Believe me, I learned my lesson - as long as Jackson and JJ want candy corn in the fall, I’ll buy some.

  6. Thank you for the calendar and the knowledge that the hummers aren't quite gone in my area. I will wash and refill my feeder for any little travelers!

    I love the phrase "Eat-At-Hometober" and think it's rather clever!

    1. Thank you and your hummingbirds would thank you if they could


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