If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, July 25, 2011

Want to know more about fiber?

Just in case you are worried about me after eating so much fried food on Saturday, I am showing you what I had today for breakfast.
I had Fiber One Honey Squares with skim milk and cantaloupe.

Fiber One Honey Squares are the newest flavor from Fiber One

I got my box free from Pssst. they are not paying me for my opinion but they did send me a box to try and some coupons.

I really like fiber One Honey Squares, the squares are light and just a touch sweet.

here is some fiber info provided by General Mills. You can up your fiber intake with FiberOne or with lots of foods.

10 Tips to Get your Daily Fiber
Most Americans are not getting the recommended 25 grams of fiber each day. With Fiber One cereal, it's easier than ever to increase your daily fiber intake. Try using these 10 simple tips to help reach your fiber goals.
1) Scan for Bran Look for “bran,” “whole grain” and “whole wheat” on product packages and ingredient labels. These ingredients can help boost fiber intake. ¾ cup Fiber One® 80 Calories = 10g fiber
2) Grab the Whole Food Munch on a whole piece of fruit in place of drinking a glass of juice. You’ll get the nutrients and the fiber too. 1 medium apple = 3g fiber
3) Savor the Skins Eat fruit and vegetables with the skin on. Eating the skin helps to bump up the fiber, plus it provides texture and a bonus of other nutrients. 1 medium baked potato with skin on = 4g fiber
4) Screen for Beans Replace your typical side dishes with high-fiber dried peas and beans, such as kidney, pinto, lentils or black-eyed peas. These fiber-packed legumes make it easier to meet daily fiber goals. ½ cup canned red kidney beans = 8g fiber
5) Go Nuts Jazz up salads, vegetables, snacks and desserts with almonds, sunflower seeds or soy nuts. Nuts and seeds add fiber and fun-to-chew crunch to foods. 1 ounce roasted almonds = 3g fiber
6) Be Berry Wild Choose raspberries, blackberries and boysenberries to add variety to your cereals. These berries have twice the fiber of many other fruit selections. ½ cup fresh raspberries = 4g fiber
7) Bring on the Brown Use brown rice instead of white. Switch to whole wheat pasta, whole wheat flour, whole wheat breads and whole grain crackers instead of regular white versions. 1 cup brown rice = 3g fiber
8) Skip the Chips Select snacks that are a good source of fiber. Instead of potato chips, go for low-fat popcorn, whole-grain pretzels or oven-crisped whole-wheat pita triangles. 3 cups popcorn = 4g fiber
9) Drink Up Water is a healthy beverage choice—especially as you up the fiber. Your body needs more water to help process the added fiber you eat. Aim for eight 8-oz glasses of water each day.
10) Sneak in Some Fiber One cereal Incorporate Fiber One cereal into your favorite side dishes or use to top yogurt, salads or oatmeal.¼ cup Fiber One Original cereal for sprinkling = 7g fiber

I have six $1 coupons for Fiber One 80 calorie cereal. exp. 12/9/11 It would be my pleasure to share them, so if you want some , let me know how many you would like. I will send them to the first commenters until they all requested.

updated - the coupons have been spoken for. Hope you will come back for the 2 other giveaways I have scheduled soon.


Susan in SC said...

Rhonda - I would love to have some coupons. If no one else reponds, I'll take them all. If someone else reponds just send me what you want! Either way, I will be happy! Thanks!!

Cindy said...

Hi Rhonda,
I would love to have two of them, I'm sure there will be others who will use them, too. I have been eating Fibre One for quite a while now, the older I get, the more I need it, it seems.
Check and see if they are usable in Canada first.
Thank you for the information, I have made copies of it for a Weight support group that I attend each week.
It is so important that we add fibre, I totally agree.
Hugs, Cindy

terricheney said...

I'd love to have ONE...That will be plenty to try for just John and I.

Mary Ann said...

When I first saw the title I thought it was about natural fibers like cloth! Hahaha.

Your fried dinner looked yummy! So fun! We have a local restaurant near us that has the best fried mushrooms. Sooo good!

I'll pass on the coupons although it is so kind of you to share them!

Debbie J said...

I received the box of cereal and the coupons too. I really like the cereal.

❤️ Rhonda ❤️