If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Blog issues and today

Good evening everyone, 
I was so surprised and so pleased to read so many comments on yesterday’s post. 
Thank you 😊 Y’all are very kind. 

But when I tried to replied to the comments, on my own blog,  I can’t.  It says I’m not signed in but obviously I’m signed in or I couldn’t add new posts.  

Frustrating!  Oh well, no sense wasting time on things I can’t control. 

I am doing WW online ( used to be called Weight Watchers but the name is shortened now.  
And so far I really like it.  The app works great and the points are easy to count.  
I’ll say more about it as time goes on.  

Tonight for supper,  we had a homemade pizza made with 2 ingredient dough.  The dough recipe is just 1 cup of self rising flour and 1 cup of plain, fat free Greek yogurt.  This recipe has many variations and is all over Pinterest.  It is not exactly like traditional pizza dough but it’s very good.  
The pizza is on a 10 by 15 inch pan and 1/4 is a 7 point serving.  I had enough points left at supper to eat 2 but was very satisfied after 1 quarter.  My husband gave it a thumbs up too. 
On the side was some of relishes left from our big Easter meal.  

Tomorrow I’ll make the pickle chicken recipe.  It’s marinating in the fridge.  And the pickle juice was saved from when I made the Easter relish trays.  
pickle chicken recipe

I’ll let y’all know how we like it.  

Here’s an update on my to do list- I sewed on the pioneer dress and it just needs the hem finished.
I’m pleased with my progress so far.  

We’ve started our spring gardening,  I had fun putting little succulents in these copper molds that I got at a church rummage sale for a nickel each several summers ago.  
I bought them for the grands to use as sandbox toys.  They had great fun with them when we had a huge sandbox. But now that sandbox is planted with berry bushes.  

So now the grands play with sand in this water table and they’re just as happy.  


Mazie1956 said...

Thank you for the details about the pickle chicken. I will for sure try this; we eat lots of dill pickles and it will be good to be able to use the juice for something. Pizza looks good, too! I'm enjoying WW this time around; with the no-count foods and generous point allowance, most anything can be enjoyed within reason. Grandson looks happy! My grandkids are all older (oldest is graduating college next month) and I miss having little ones around sometimes.
Carol in NC

Mama Said No said...

I have had my blog occasionally tell me that I'm not signed in either, but I was posting, so who knows what's going on? BTW--I am putting my bedspread together! Your simple tips in the email gave me the confidence to start, and while it won't be perfectly seamed and aligned--it's gonna be nice. I hope to post photos of the finished spread later this week. Thanks again for your help!

Out My window said...

I had to laugh at your relish tray as I have the same in my fridge. Blogs can be frustrating. some times and I am sure it is some easy fix that we just don't realize.

❤️ Rhonda ❤️