If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, April 29, 2019

To do list, sewing, coupon shopping

My Monday to do list- I recycled last weeks and just glued this week’s plans on top of last week’s list.  

Below are dishes I plan to cook from now until the end of May.  They will be prepared in what ever order suits us.  

Below is the dress I finished for our granddaughter Elizabeth to wear when her class visits a one room school house.  It’s pretty standard that Oklahoma 3rd graders study Oklahoma history and either re-enact the Land Run or visit a one room school house.  I remember when my children visited the prairie school house, they really enjoyed it.  
The basket is for her lunch and my daughter used the same basket when she was in 3rd grade. 
I didn’t sew the dress from the scratch but I cut down an adult dress I got years ago at a $1 a bag rummage sale.  

Below are my our pioneer ancestors.  That my fraternal great grandparents.  For awhile, the farmed and lived in a sod house near Cordell, Oklahoma.  It looks like a very hard life to me and  I’m thankful for them.  

I’m still doing some coupon shopping at CVS and Dollar General.  This is what I bought this past Saturday at DG.  I only used Digital coupons,  which you get by signing up for a free account at DG.  
Both stores have similar sales going on this week too.  

I guess that’s all the news I know for now. 
Have a wonderful week everyone ❤️


  1. The dress is so pretty! Sounds like a fun field trip!

  2. My mother came here to teach in a one room school house in the Dakotas and Minnesota. Amazing how much time has passed and how different we are now in some ways. Great save on cutting down the dress.

  3. How fun for Elizabeth to get to dress up for the field trip!
    Love the old photo of your great grandparents. Greg has a similar one of some of his ancestors in front of a sod house. I'd love to go back in time and visit with them. Their lives were simpler but much harder.

  4. My great grandparents were also Oklahoma pioneers. They bought a farm near Fairmont in 1898, lived in a dugout until they built the house. The farm is still owned by family, unfortunately nature is taking the house back.


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