If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Blogidays December 12 - kiddo fun, groceries, meals and a reply

Hello everyone 
The 3 local grands spent the night with us.  
We worked some of the jigsaw puzzles I bought at the new salvage store 
We made some bead and chenille stem creations 

And I put the littlest guy to work.  This laundry room cabinet is deep and I saw there were 3 jugs of Tide hiding in the very back.
He happily crawled in and pulled them to the front so I can use them 

I did a Walmart grocery pickup this morning.  I got produce for next week and I wanted to get more Hershey chocolate mint candy canes before they are gone- I’m sure they will only be available through Christmas. I also got a box of Oreo candy canes.  
The Oreo ones are OK but not nearly as good as the Hershey chocolate mint ones. 

I got a few substitutes and the best one was getting a 22 ounce box of ham instead of the 9 ounce I ordered and paid for 

The new grapes are very good.
As always,  I rebag the green vegetables and squeeze out all the air.  I think they last a lot longer and are crispier when kept in a sealed container.  

I like these plain storage bags that use a twist tie- they are about .02 each and I think that’s budget friendly.  
I ordered bananas again and today they arrived yellow instead of green like the last green bunch. 

Meals -
The turkey lentil chili was ok but when I make it again,  I will the spice blend I prefer from  flat landers chili  instead of the spice amounts on yesterday’s recipe.  
flat landers chili

Supper last night was hotdogs, chili, corn and oranges. 
Breakfast was scrambled eggs and oven bacon.  The grands had reheated frozen pancakes and I baked the last 2 freezer biscuits for my husband.  I had my eggs and bacon on a pita.  
That meal was enjoyed and used up 4 bags of odds and ends in the freezer.  
Lunch was sandwiches with grapes and the children all had a candy cane for dessert. 
Supper will be a baked chicken with salad and sweet potatoes.  

The weather forecast is for snow tonight.  We do get snow in Oklahoma but not too often so it’s kind of exciting.  And it won’t bother us if the roads get bad because we aren’t going anywhere.  

Replies - 
Thnak you,  you’re very sweet and what an accomplishment to make 4 quilts since September.  

Frugal Things Everyday is still active but she moved to Wordpress instead of Blogger.  Her blog looks different but she is still putting out really good posts. 

I’m not sure but I think you’ll need a Wordpress account if you want to leave her a comment 

The grands have gone home and now I’m going to relax with some hot 🫖 
Hope you’re all having a good Saturday 


Jenny said...

I'll be looking for the twist tie bags. I have a hard time fitting some produce in the ziplocs.

Cheryl Kimbley said...

Cute kiddos. Mmmm - chocolate mint candy canes sound really good.
I recommend a nice HOT bath!

Practical Parsimony said...

Little kids are great in those small or far spaces. I lifted my son in the window to open the front door when I forgot my key. I made a note for getting those candy canes.

Lana said...

I like the twist tie bags, too and their zipper snack bags that are square since they hold much more than those long narrow ones. Ordering for pick up here is a total disaster though. Last time we waited an hour and then were told they had not even shopped for our order so we said to just skip it and left. But, our credit card had been charged and that was a real mess to get straightened out. I am pretty sure Hubby will never agree to trying that again.

lejmom said...

My favorite pic was of your grandson getting the Tide for you!! So cute! And nice to have a "helper"...

I have never seen the narrow bags...look like a good idea!

Out My window said...

Love the legs sticking out of the cabinet. So cute!

❤️ Rhonda ❤️