If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

BEDA #2 gardening is full of surprises

During the last 4-5 days of July, we had cooler temperatures and a good bit of rain.  
Since it was cooler and the ground had softened up,  I spent Saturday morning weeding and pruning the front yard flower beds. 
The hot weather had made the weeds thrive while our grass looks so brown. 
Ducky likes to hang out in the front yard and he is attached to a very long tether as our city has leash laws.  His tether is long enough that he can go all over our yard and driveway but not long enough to go in the street. 

I use this kneeling bench when I garden.  And I don’t think my cranky knees could pull many weeds without it.  

3 bags of weeds- and a lot of crinum leaves that I cut way back. 

On that Saturday,  just 3 days ago, I cut this bed of crinums back to almost nothing.  
You can see in the photo where the green part stops. 
My huge surprise was seeing all these crinum lilies pop up and getting ready to bloom.  
I’m guessing all the flowers were waiting down deep and couldn’t pop up through the thick maize of leaves.  

Wouldn’t it be fun if all plants grew as fast as these crazy crinums?  Kind of like Jack’s magic beanstalk seeds 🙂



  1. Your yard is lovely. We have leash laws also, but Roscoe just stays in the yard.

  2. Your yard is beautiful, brown grass and all. I love lilies..

  3. Your lawn and house are pretty. Grass will become green again, I think...lol.


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