If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Friday, August 5, 2022

BEDA #5 breakfast, junk mail and supper

Breakfast was Banana Pecan muffins. The recipe is from YouTube, Collard Valley Cooks. 
I recommend their channel if you’re looking for something fun to watch,  but it might be most  interesting to Southerners, and maybe not to people from other regions 

My husband got our mail today.  He opened this envelope that I would of just thrown away.
It was a survey request and had a brand new $1 bill in it.  

I still don’t like mail from things I didn’t ask for but I guess it would be a good idea to open mail, just in case.  

When our son moved,  we got their kitchen pantry, household stuff  and frozen food items,  

We’ve already used or eaten some of the things.  I especially like a huge bottle of Trader Joe Olive oil with a pour spout.  
Our supper tonight was boiled shrimp - a bag of jumbo and 1/2 a bag of medium shrimp with homemade cocktail sauce, tater tots and Cole slaw.  
It was all delicious! 

And tonight was just hubby and I here for supper.  

This is the Rubbermaid Party Platter that I use so often.  I first bought two  at a Military commissary and have since repurchased more for gifts.  
Walmart sells them too and maybe Target and other grocery chains. 



Practical Parsimony said...

Thanks. I need something to put food in so Tommy can just remove one dish to get onions, peppers, grape tomatoes or whatever he needs for wraps or salads.

Lana said...

I like Collard Valley cooks and another favorite is Cooking with Brenda Gantt. Sothern through and through and so entertaining.

❤️ Rhonda ❤️