If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Saturday, August 6, 2022

BEDA #6 Saturday supper for 9

Hello everyone 
supper tonight was a joint effort
My husband smoked a pork shoulder bought by my son in law 
Yes, the rolls got too brown but they still tasted good 

Sides were a relish plate, fresh salsa made with tomatoes from the backyard, onion dip and my daughter made the Rotel dip- which is velveeta cheese melted with canned tomatoes with green chilis.  

Dessert was Girl Scout cookies and frozen peaches.  

There were a few peaches left so we tried this Pampered Chef gadget, a Quicksicle, that belongs to my daughter.  

I blended peaches with a little vanilla yogurt.  The liquid is poured into the chilled base and it freezes in about 8 minutes.  

The Quicksicles were a big hit and I expect now that we know how to use it,  we will be using it often.  
Did I mention it’s still really hot here 🥵

I’m enjoying all your comments. 
I don’t know about subscriptions but I’ll look into it.  Blogging was a lot simpler before Blogspot changed so many things.  



  1. That Quicksicle looks so good. He looks happy.

  2. I follow blogs through feedly. Feedly has been around forever & I just use the basic, free service & never miss a post even if the blogger hasn't shared for a very long time. Even as blogging has changed I've never had any problems keeping up with my favorite blogs. I like it because my email doesn't get packed. I go to my feedly account & read the list from there....I usually open in a new tab so I'm reading from the web but you can read through feedly's site.

    Feedly might help if some of your followers aren't getting your updates. The only thing is that I have no idea if feedly followers count? Don't bloggers have some way to measure who is following them through email sign ups? So if that matters to you I'm not sure it would help you but it would help anyone wanting to keep up with current posts.

  3. That Quicksicle looks like a really great gadget to have. One could use up so many little bits of leftover fruit.

    God bless.


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