If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

BEDA #3 meals this week

Hello everyone 
I like seeing real meals other homemakers serve so I took photos of our recent meals to show y’all 
This was Sunday morning breakfast- hash brown made from left over baked potatoes, scrambled eggs and sausage gravy.
I cook lots of things from scratch but not gravy, I use this 
It’s not health food but it’s lots lower in calories and quicker to make than scratch gravy 

Lunch that day was make your own salad and/or sandwich 

Supper was a jointly prepared meal 
Meat grilled by son in law,
Sides of  green beans, corn, watermelon and rolls prepared by me. 

Dessert for a few days was compliments of son in law’s mother, who took them all to buy new school clothes and also a bunch of cookies 
And extra sodas from their meal at  Pops on Route 66

Another heat wave came through. I planned ahead and cooked some easy to reheat favorites for the 106 degree days 
A big batch of homemade Mexican rice, lentil taco filling, beef taco filling and assorted extras like tortillas, chips, fresh salsa, etc.  
and if anyone gets tired of Mexican, they can have a hot dog.  
These are our very favorite hot dogs. 
Ballpark white smoked Turkey. 
They are no longer sold in Oklahoma 🤷🏻‍♀️ So my husband stocks up on them when he visits his parents on the Arkansas-Texas border.  

And a question for you all 

Anyone know what this gadget is?  



  1. Regarding the weird thing you shared...I am guessing I may know. Is it a door opener? Say, you walk up to Kohls, stick you finger thru! the hole shown on the bottom and use the top hook piece to grab and open the door. It seems I have seen these somewhere...it cam about after Covid, when we were worried about germs.
    Doreen in KCMO

    p.s. I have read and followed you for a long while...God bless you

  2. It looks like a gadget for opening doors without touching germy handles. It's a Covid thing....

  3. Your meals look delicious! As for the gadget, I can only guess it's a magnifying glass that clips onto a pair of glasses. Otherwise, no clue!

  4. Does it move up and down? A cigar trimmer?

  5. Your meals look wonderful. Never saw turkey franks before so I find those very interesting.

    God bless.

  6. Sluggy is correct, it's a door opener, button pusher, whatever you need so you don't use your fingers/hands. Covid invention for sure.

  7. Everything looks so tasty. My guess is that it's an eyeglass repair tool. Have a lovely weekend!


  8. I considered buying one of those to avoid touching buttons. Where did you get the divided container for salad fixings? Thanks.

  9. Yes, it's for pressing keypads at grocery stores and atms and such. So you don't have to use your own fingers to touch them.

  10. Hi Rhonda---I found your latest post on Cheryl's Frugal Corner...I am a long time reader of yours and for some reason, I have not been getting your posts. I thought you were still "on leave". How do I resume getting your posts? I do not see a "follow" button.

    Hope to hear from you soon...Semper Fi--Jane in Florida (Lejmom)

  11. Its a stylus for your phone/tablet etc as well as other things. The soft tip is better than fingerprints smeared all over the screens.


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