If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Saturday, February 27, 2021

February 26- home things

Good morning everyone 
I spent a lot of this week cleaning and such around our home.  Things had just go out of whack for several reasons.  
I put the leaves back in the big dining table 
and put out a few Saint Patrick’s decorations 

Husband’s little garden plants are growing 
They seem to like our sunny bay window ☀️

Our living room 
I bought a vented storage wood box  to hide the antenna and roku boxes on the mantle,  put my assortment of birds on the mantle and on the shelf over the sofa 
and made a rag strip wreath for over the loveseat (some of the grands helped make the wreath) 

Cooking this week 

Smothered steak in the crockpot on a day I had a busy afternoon 

I cooked a hen and will make it into soup or more chicken and noodles this weekend 

And we had a new kind of frozen pizza that was really very good for a frozen pizza.  


During the cold spell, we ran our heater and our gas fireplace so much!  We did conserve when told to but that wasn’t until the middle of the 2 weeks when it never warmed up above freezing,  
I’ve heard natural gas prices increased astronomically too, 
I was concerned what our gas bill would look like and it came this morning.  
I’m not sure how it is so small and I’m very thankful we had heat during those very cold days.  

Ducky played with grandkids 2 days and spent 1 day at the doggy day camp and spa.  
It all made him so tired.  
But doesn’t he look clean and fluffy?  He smells good too! 

Hope you all have a good weekend 
❤️ Rhonda 


Melanie said...

I always forget about my few St Patrick's Day decorations - thanks for the reminder! I need to dig them out.

I love Crockpot meals. I'm going to meal plan this weekend and a Crockpot meal will be on the menu, for sure. So nice to throw things in the pot in the morning and then dinner is magically ready later.

Your gas bill wasn't bad at all for prices having gone up. Our last gas bill was $95 and there's only two of us living here. Everything here is run on gas...the heat, stove, dryer.

Have a good weekend!

Unknown said...

Ducky is a cutie! I have 2 pups and make a simple slip cover for their beds. (I use leftover fabric, pillow cases, old blankets, etc..) My pups are little piggies and changing out their covers each day keeps their beds clean. Just thought I'd share, don't have a blog. Have a great weekend Rhonda, Patti Ann

Unknown said...

I lived in Stillwater for 2 years, until December 2019. I miss Sprouts. And I miss Stillwater. I enjoy reading your blog. I reminds me of my time in STL!

Debbie V. said...

My husband says he can't remember anything I've made in a crockpot that he liked. I admit I have only made a couple of things in our crock pot - probably a pot roast and something with chicken.
But your picture looks enticing. He loves mushrooms and dishes that I cook with mushroom soup.
So I take it you brown the meat first and then mix the soup and mushrooms and pour it over. Anything else? What about settings?

Out My window said...

I just love the decor of your house. I love braided rugs.

❤️ Rhonda ❤️