If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, April 19, 2021

BEDA #19 To Do list and Replies

Sorry about no blog yesterday.  We were away from home much of the day. 
Today I’m at home and working my way through  new To-Do list. 
So far,  I’m on load #5 of laundry and have a couple more after these.  Why so much?  Bedding, towels to dry off Ducky after his at home bath, grands here over the weekend and then just our regular clothes and linens. 

I’m not planning any meals for a few days, until we use the yummy leftovers from the weekend.  

Next I’m going to answer some of your comment questions.  

The electric receptacle in that cabinet is for the stove vent hood.  

About this cookbook- it’s fun to read but after reading it,  I would not re-buy it.  Most the recipes are much heavier than I normally prepare- meaning I think she uses lots of butter and heavy additions.  

About the Salad Shooter,  this is my 3rd salad shooter.  I got my first one when my children were young.  
The first one was the small one and my second one was the bigger model.  I currently have the small one.  
If I wear this one out,  I will replace it with the bigger one.  
I use it mostly for grating carrots and cheese and also for slicing potatos and shredding cabbage for cole slaw.  
The prices I see on Amazon today  seem really high -if you don’t know,  Amazon prices fluctuate almost daily.  
I’ve seen salad shooters on EBay and Mercari. Yard sale season will be starting and I expect they can be found at some sales too.  

Thank you for all the YouTube channel suggestions.  I’ll be looking them all up. 
And I plan to link them a post here soon.  
I watch YouTube mostly when I ride a stationary bike or folding laundry and sometimes while cooking.  



  1. Thanks for the cookbook review.

  2. So, which salad shooter do you recommend?

  3. Appreciate the cookbook review...

    Seems everyone "famous" has a book to sell. I am always wondering how much they know about their topic and how much someone else "helps". I see Chrissy Tiegen has books out now and a line of goods also. Interesting!

    That's a lot of wash...nice to have that behind you. I do a load daily, but after guests, I have lots of loads, like you.

  4. I have a recipe card holder w/ recipes from Pioneer Woman. So much butter and bacon and bacon fat! I wish I'd have known before buying it. Debbie.


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