If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

BEDA #7 baking day

Hello everyone 
I made a few sweet things this morning- all with old, tried and true recipes.  
A double recipe of Banana bread- it made all those muffins and 1 tiny loaf , also a lemon dessert 
I printed off this recipe in 2000 and it’s still my go-to banana bread recipe 

The lemon dessert is an old recipe too.  I remember making it when my son Bobby was a baby and he will be 40 this month. 
It’s kind of like cheesecake but lighter and it doesn’t use cream cheese 

Oatmeal cookies - these are crunchy cookies and a lot like a granola bar 

Of course cooking leads to a lot of dirty dishes 
Thankfully most of them fit in the dishwasher and I washed a few more by hand. 
The kitchen is 100% clean now and we shouldn't need anymore sweets for days.  



bunw1125@gmail.com said...

I make that banana bread too. Delish. I also found this recipe when I had ripe bananas and the 2 apples no one eats...Really good too.


Thanks for showing your baking and recipes. Glad your husband is doing well. You make a very cute couple!!
Barb in PA

Practical Parsimony said...

I think I may make the banana bread tomorrow. I tried using mango rum instead of vanilla flavoring once, and it is incredible. Actually, I used rum flavoring first. When it was discontinued, I bought miniatures of the mango rum. No, I don't drink rum.

Out My window said...

That is the down part of all that work, more work.

lejmom said...

I like the oatmeal cookie recipe! Will try that one---and will use raisins :)

Your baking day looks very productive. Nice to get it (and the mess) done in one day!!

Lana said...

I remember my Mom making that lemon dessert. It was interesting as a child to see her pour the milk in the bowl and refrigerate it with the beaters. We have been baking, too. Sugar cookies yesterday, no bake cookies and banana chocolate chip muffins today. While I was watching the candy thermometer in the chocolate mixture I mixed up a bowl of chicken salad for easy lunches for a few days.

❤️ Rhonda ❤️