If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, April 26, 2021

BEDA #28

Sorry about the gap in posts- we’ve had some busy days and this week looks to have a few busy days too. Anyway today,  I show some of the things we’ve been up to 

It’s baseball season here and 4 of the grandsons are playing on different age kid teams. 
It was so much fun seeing 2 of the grandsons play each other this week.  
And “Just yesterday” they looked like the photo on the right.  

Last week I did a grocery pickup - here is the pantry and fridge stuff,  the frozen things were already put  away 
The watermelon was a dud and the 3 boxes of honey buns are for my 89 year old dad.

This weekend,  we had a 5 cousin sleepover.  
For us,  having the Covid vaccines and having very low Covid rates in our state has meant we can go back to more normal lives and it’s wonderful! 
Then on Sunday morning, my parents and brother joined us for breakfast 

I didn’t get a photo of everyone at the same time but there were 11 here and we all ate at this big table.  

I served  a big breakfast and everyone enjoyed it.  The only leftover leftovers were a couple of biscuits and sausage patties. 
When I cook for a group with 5 grands buzzing around the kitchen - I take advantage of easy to prepare things, 

They are not the thriftiest options but they all cook up quickly and taste very good. 

I did a little sewing last week- 4 quirky potholders and I have more cut out to sew. 

Our son has been cooking competitively and cooked this weekend in a steak cook off up north.
He won 1st in Steak and 1st and 2nd in Boozy drinks 😳
Aren’t those crazy and way over the top? 

Well- I need to be working on my to-do list right now. 
Hope you’re all having a wondertful Monday 
Bye from Windy Oklahoma  💨 



Practical Parsimony said...

Breakfast sights make me hungry for breakfast. Those drinks look delicious from the glass up. Fantastical. I might leave the drink and eat the top of the drink.

Lana said...

Those frozen biscuits are so good! I realized a few years ago that I did not have to make everything from scratch like my Mom did. It is not about the food but the people! And everyone appreciates being asked to come for a meal and they are not at all picky about what I serve. If Covid has taught us nothing else we sure have all learned the value of our families!

Cheryl Kimbley said...

Glad you were able to get together - it is nice isn't it?
Those are cute hot pads.
The drinks look like something my niece keeps showing that they are doing in Gatlinburg TN. Way over the top for sure! Too much for me!!

lejmom said...

Loved the family pix...so glad you could have your gang there for a delicious breakfast!! Since my parents passed away (both within the last 18 months) and with Covid, we have not had any group gatherings. I miss all the activity and fellowship.

Your son and his skills...congrats on the wins!!

My internet was down all morning---I amazed myself how much I got accomplished with it down. haha...what does that tell you? LOL

Out My window said...

Love the pictures and isn't it nice to get together without guilt!

terricheney said...

How does one even begin to drink those drinks? lol How awesome they are! I agree when the grandchildren are here it's just easier to go with the easy prep items. Takes way less of my concentration and creates fewer distractions.

Tammy said...

Bobby's drinks look amazing! I was thinking about making Silas a "freak shake" for his birthday this year. It's something like the chocolate creation of Bobby's, but a bit smaller.
I love that the grandboys got to play ball against each other. We miss our cousins, but will get to see them in a couple of weeks for my nephew's graduation. Greg and I got our second shots late last week, and I get a little bit tearful when I think about getting to see extended family again. ♥

❤️ Rhonda ❤️